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Recording Studios and Music Producers in NYC
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Dana Lowrey - Fearless. Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Dana Lowrey - Fearless

This is Dana Lowrey's "Fearless." co-written with the wonderful Heather Holley and produced entirely at Threshold Recording Studios NYC.   Dana is a very talented young singer/songwriter from Australia. We spent quite a bit of time working together with Dana and her management over the past year and are very proud of the results! We've produced some outstanding songs and managed to learn a bunch of Australian catchphrases like mucking about and lock it in eddie! and we even tasted some vegemite. 

This video was shot at Threshold and is the first single from Dana's forthcoming release. A beautiful song, beautifully sung. Check back with us or head over to Dana's website for news and to be notified when she releases more music.  

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