Recording Studios and Music Producers in NYC

Recording Studios and Music Producers in NYC
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Threshold Recording Studios New York City | Cyndi Lauper, Jim Gaffigan, SYFY - OH My!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Control Room
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Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a premier state of the art music recording studio staffed with award winning music producers & engineers located in Manhattan's unparalleled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Threshold has been providing its legendary full service production, recording, mixing, mastering, Broadcast quality voiceover, podcasting, & filming location services since 1997.

Here are some recent recording sessions at Threshold Recording Studios NYC. Wishing continued success & a rocking 2017 to Rob McClure & the whole cast of Something Rotten The Musical as they take this show on the road. #Rentaissancejams #thresholdstudiosnyc #SomethingRotten.
Yes, Cyndi Lauper is as awesome as you think she would be & Jim Gaffigan might actually be even funnier...

Cyndi Lauper @ Threshold Studios
James Walsh & Jim Gaffigan


Duran Duran @ Threshold Recording Studios in NYC!

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Threshold Recording Studios NYC owner & Executive Producer James Walsh had the pleasure of producing a song in our studio with John Taylor and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran for the non-profit Road Recovery Foundation.

After spending time with these fine men and musicians it is no mystery to any of us why Duran Duran is one of most successful bands in the world! 
Great guys- uuuuuUUUUuuuuber talented musicians! Here's a quick clip of John pushing the beat with Roger in the live room.  

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Control Room

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a premier hybrid analog | digital recording studio staffed with award winning music producers & engineers located in midtown Manhattan's unparalleled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Threshold has been providing its legendary full service production, recording, mixing & mastering services since 1997 & specializes in producing original, radio ready songs with developing musicians & established artists of ALL AGES. 
Threshold is the perfect fit for Singers, Songwriters & Bands, Networks, Labels & Brands. 
Hourly, Daily, and "all in" Per Song rates & full production packages available.
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Threshold Recording Studios in NYC- Great Music. Incredible Artists!

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Things have been great at Threshold Recording Studios NYC with plenty of new sounds, musicians, audio & video projects gracing our legendary rooms.

If you are a solo artist, band or company looking for more of a private high end studio experience with a music producer or audio engineer to help you craft your sound you should give us a call. Thousands of bands and musicians have chosen Threshold Studios to be their creative partner over the last 20 years.

Will our next great success be you?

Threshold's Legendary NYC Recording Studios are also available to freelance audio Engineers & Music producers looking for a solid, affordable, & respected studio in NYC for their clients.

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Recording a harp is something everyone artist, audio engineer and music producer should do at least once- if not as often as possible! Here's some new live music from Addi and Jacq!


A new release at Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Bianca- Alive!

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Feel free to check out the newest single from Threshold Studios artist Bianca in the jukebox and let us know what you think!


Bianca ALIVE.jpg


Floating, always floating through time.

Going through the motions, never asking why.

You just want to know what it feels like, feels like, talking to the stars and you're asking them how

You just want to know what it feels like, feels like to be alive.

You got caught up with the kings and queens, little dreams that they're always selling you.

You gave up, but when he touched your skin you burst again like you always wanted to.

All that was just a pretty fantasy you thought would never come true

Was shining through

You just wanna know what it feels like, feels like

Look into his eyes and he says don't fight it now

Smile on your face and you can't contain it indelible escape you hope we'll make it out.

Premier recording studios, music producers & audio engineers in NYC


Join us. Create.

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Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Perfect for Singers, Songwriters, Bands...

Our world class recording studio is YOUR TOOL to be creative and efficient.   Our experienced and award winning artist development staff look forward to working with you to put together the perfect production.


NY Times POPCAST series at Threshold Recording Studios, NYC

In 2012 Threshold Recording Studios, NYC began hosting the NY Times POPCAST series hosted by Ben Sisario. Recent sessions have included The Black Keys, Grace Potter, Junip featuring Jose Gonzalez, Josh Ritter, Jonsi from Sigur Ros, The Morning Benders. It has been awesome to have such varied and talented people come through the studio. You can check out POPCAST here on the NYTimes website or on iTunes.
with guest host Melena Kyzik after taping their episode


Threshold Recording Studios NYC hosts Simon Kirke of Bad Company- with a little help from his friends!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC helping to prepare for the "Simon Kirke and Friends" residency at NYC's Iridium and hosting this amazing group of musicians.

Connecting over 5 decades of musical royalty, the combined history of these performers is absolutely amazing- and humbling.  It was a pleasure getting to know them all a little bit better- particularly Threshold Studios and Road Recovery friend and supporter Simon Kirke (Bad Company).   If you are looking for a great night of music in NYC next week- GO NOW!