Recording Studios and Music Producers in NYC

Recording Studios and Music Producers in NYC
Threshold Recording Studios NYC


Recent Sessions @ Threshold Recording Studios NYC

We've had a a busy year recording at Threshold Studios. Here are some of the early highlights:
Brooklyn based blues-rock band was in to record their debut EP entitled "Homeward at Daybreak." A unique sound with an even more unique vocalist. It's been too long since we did some serious guitar work so it was a lot of fun breaking out the Marshalls...
- Neil Perlman was in to record some Scottish-jazz fusion! His piano jazz trio featuring renowned Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser. All these guys had some serious chops.
Neil Perlman and co with Alasdair Fraser
- The UN Jazz Band (working title). We recorded a small jazz ensemble composed of United Nations Staffers, including players from Madagascar, South Africa, Sweden, and Austria. The group's leader, Herbert Grubmair mentioned long time friend of the studio and fellow Austrian Hans Glawischnig. Hebert said about Threshold, "If it's good enough of Hans it's good enough for me!" We hope to have them back soon.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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